Main menus are the first thing we see when they start a video game. We often ignore them entirely. But through a main menu, it’s possible to envision an entire game: from its atmosphere and graphics to its gameplay and story, we immediately get a sense of the whole.

MNG+ explores this marginal, ignorable corner of games by presenting a series of main menus for games that do not exist. Each menu invites the audience to imagine a specific game with its own history of development, gameworld, set of mechanics, graphical style, and so on. It is a work of magical realist interactive fiction.

To play: take the time to explore a menu and imagine its game, then click the 'new game.’ MNG+ will take you quite literally and give you a whole ‘new game.’

MNG+ is an alpha release and a work in progress.


  • "MNG+ has loads of little things to find in the nesting menus, and functions as a bit of a meta in-joke about games as well as a chin-stroking metaphor that makes you feel like a clever, cultured person for at least half an hour."
  • review by Alice Bell of RockPaperShotgun
  • "An esoteric piece of magical realism, in which non-existent games are implied through navigable menus, presented in retro textures in almost unintelligible colours. I love it. [. . .] Each [menu] is a different genre, wryly observing different aspects of gaming, and with so many clever ideas hidden away."

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What I did

  • Design, conceptualization, writing
  • Unity, C#, modeling in Blender and Houdini, texturing in Substance Painter, UI in Affinty Designer and Photoshop
  • Music and sound effects in Logic Pro X

Nitty Gritty

  • Year: 2020 (still in development)
  • Material: custom code, Unity game engine
  • Neural net generated text using GPT-2

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